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Are you a chain?

We are most definitely not a chain or even a franchise. We are just passionate pet parents who relocated to the Galveston Area and wanted to give all the locals and visitors better options for their woofers and meowsers.

What types of products and services do you offer?

As a pet treat bakery, we offer many options for pups (and kitties too). From custom dog birthday cakes to pupcakes and seasonal offerings like pupkin pie, you can trust you are giving your dogs a treat that is locally made without chemical preservatives and human grade… we eat them all the time!

We also carry a select line of pet foods. Our feeding philosophy is simple… FEED THE BEST FOOD YOU CAN AFFORD.  We try to carry lines that we believe in. There isn’t a brand in our store we wouldn’t feed our own fur kids.

Lastly, we offer grooming services as well. Our fear-free salon uses botanical-based shampoos and products. We firmly believe in humanity before vanity. We do not put our clients through painful dematting processes. If a client comes in and is severely matted (it happens to the best of us), we will call you and let you know.  We would rather shave the pup than cause discomfort and pain. It makes the overall grooming experience better and when the hair grows back, we can give them a cutastic hairdo then.

What is the shelf life of your treats?

Great question!

Our bagged treats are good for 6-months from the date they are packaged… but we guarantee they will not last that long. We use all natural preservatives and slow bake them to ensure they last. there is no need to refrigerate our bagged treats that carry the Wagabonz name.

Our display case treats (cakes, bars, pupcakes, etc) last 7-10 days in the fridge. I you want to prolong that, we recommend freezing them and then thawing out right before giving to your pet.

What is ``less-stress`` grooming?

“Less stress” means just that… we don’t want your pooch to feel stressed out during their appointment with us. Our grooming salon is in a separate area of our building (not accessible to the public). We play music during their visit. We never use force on our clients… instead we partner with them with the hopes of getting them to work with us as a team.

We also use other techniques such as happy hoodies, limited dogs in the salon at one time. Scheduled appointments, etc.  All with the hopes of reducing stress and creating a place where they are happy to come back, time after time.

Working for the community

Our entire team is passionate about volunteering and donating to organizations that help our furry friends. We would love to help every organization, but we have chosen to limit our involvement to those groups whose mission is directly related to the care of pets and their people.



Keeping pets with their people

And more

If your organization would like to discuss a possible partnership/donation, please give us a call.

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