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It all started with our St. Bernard, Tyberious.

Ty was born with a lot of health issues including Addisons Disease and an inability to process salt and potassium.  We searched high and low for the right foods and treats for him and we kept coming up short.

So… we took matters into our own hands and began baking all-natural treats at home using limited ingredients and no chemical preservatives.  We actually baked so many treats, we started giving them to neighbors. And, much like tomatoes from a garden, they became overwhelmed as well. Then one day, someone said, “Why don’t you open a store?”  And that’s how our foray into the pet industry began.

That was several years ago and Ty has since passed, but our passion for making treats for pets that are a healthier alternative to grocery store treats has continued.

We sold our pet businesses up near St. Louis and relocated to Galveston.  We hope to bring our passion to the residents and tourists and hopefully make a small difference in the lives of their furkids.

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