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Why Are ‘Doodle’ Dog Breeds So Popular?

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Why Are ‘Doodle’ Dog Breeds So Popular?

It’s official… according to Rover.com, the Goldendoodle is now in the top five of 20 most popular dog breeds in the US. Also on the list is the Labradoodle at number 10. We see at least two Doodles a day in our dog grooming salon here in Galveston Texas.

But what’s the deal with all of these Doodles? Why are they so popular? Keep reading to learn more about Doodles.

Firstly, what is an ‘Doodle’? A Doodle is any breed of dog where one parent is a purebred Poodle and the other is another breed of dog. Doodles are most well known for their ‘teddy-bear’ looks, fluffy coat and great personalities. You can also get second, third, etc generations of Doodle puppies where both parents are Doodles.

Poodles have always been a very popular dog breed. Poodles ranked in the top ten for most popular dog breeds in many Western countries right from the 1950s up to now. In America, Poodles were the most popular dog breed from 1960 to 1982. After 22 years, they were overtaken by the Labrador.

1. Poodles and Doodles are very smart

Poodles are the second smartest dog breed in the world, only coming after the Border Collie. This makes Poodles and Doodles easier to train and suitable for first time dog owners. Doodles like learning new things and are active dogs, but not as active as other breeds, like Border Collies, Kelpies or Jack Russells. This makes them more suited to city living and for families.

2. Great temperament

Most Doodles have a happy, gentle and friendly temperament. This makes them the perfect dog for young families, first time dog owners and people with other existing dogs already in the home. They do require training however. If you’re here on the island, we highly recommend our friends at Mutts with Manners.

3. They ‘don’t shed’, are ‘hypo-allergenic’ and are ‘low maintenance’

These are all misconceptions promoted to consumers about Doodle dog breeds. Many people think that if they get an Doodle dog, they will not have any allergies. No dogs are completely hypo-allergenic. Depending on the mix of breeds, Doodles will have varying coats, growth rates, texture and shedding. Pure Poodles do not shed fur, their hair grows more like a humans. This includes needing regular brushing, washing and grooming.

Most Doodles will shed less than ‘normal’ breeds and may cause less allergic reactions in people allergic to dog hair, but this is not always the case. If you do own an Doodle, make sure you stick to a regular grooming schedule with Wagabōnz and brush (comb) them frequently to avoid matts. Matts can become very painful for dogs and they need to be avoided for their health and safety. If the matting gets too bad, it will become necessary to shave your doodle… this makes us just as sad as it makes many owners.

We can help you set a regular maintenance schedule for your Doodle… give us a call at 409-761-7009.

4. They’re adorable and come in many sizes

Depending on what breed the parents of the puppy are, Doodles can come in many sizes. This goes all the way from ‘teacup’ size to the big Golden Doodles. Just make sure you get your Doodle from a responsible breeder and they should be able to tell you how big your new friend will get.

We love our Doodle clients. It’s important you develop a relationship early on with your dog groomer to ensure their coat stays in tiptop shape. Also, grooming appointments take longer with Doodles due to the hair texture and styling. We will gladly work with you to make sure your Doodle stays looking Doodletastic.

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