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Everything Your Pet Needs In One Place. Creating Relationships.

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Everything Your Pet Needs In One Place. Creating Relationships.

Hello Galveston! Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Scott Tripp and I am the proud owner of Wagabonz here on the island. My husband and I moved here in July of 2020 after selling our two pet care businesses up near St. Louis, MO.

Our intention was not to open a pet supply store this time around. We were actually thinking gourmet popcorn or some other adventure (since we had the pet-related businesses for several years). Then, we got down here and ran out of dog food. We soon found out, there wasn’t anywhere on the island to get the brands we knew and loved… so fate decided for us… we had to open a pet supply store.

Scott is AMAZING!! I would never take my fur babies to anyone else!

We are truly excited to be a part of this community and we are confident we will bring something new and needed to the island. We will carry several brands of dog food, toys, grooming supplies, collars, etc.  PLUS, we have our own line of bagged treats (we call them milk bone replacements) and a full dog bakery.  You can now get a special treat for your fur kid and even get custom dog birthday cakes.

Finally, we are bringing less-stress grooming to the island. Our grooming salon is equipped with the latest products. It is separate from the store, so the pups aren’t stressed out from all  the activity going on. We also do everything we can to limit nervous barking by working with the pups to ensure they feel safe.

We believe in working with your dog to make their grooming experience better. We don’t use force to get your dog to comply. We don’t use aversive techniques to punish your pup. Instead we are committed to teaching, rather than forcing, dogs to cooperate.

For many dogs, it can take only one scary grooming experience to become “hand shy,” or worse. This can quickly grow to the point where the dog feels a need to lash out at hands or equipment as a way to protect themselves from perceived danger. Sadly, many of these same dogs then advance their reactions and often have to be anesthetized for routine care such as nail trims, de-matting, and ear cleaning. This risks the dog’s life, and further perpetuates the handling and grooming issues, as the dog still has to be restrained during the anesthesia process.

The majority of pet parents want their dogs handled with care, kindness and kisses. And that’s exactly what we do.  We have found that pups who may have had behavioral issues at other groomers come into our salon and are calm, quiet and actually excited when they leave. It’s the biggest compliment we can receive.

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