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How to keep your pooch clean in between dog grooming appointments

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How to keep your pooch clean in between dog grooming appointments

Winter is here! We’ve made it through the sweltering heat, hurricanes, and did we mention the heat? Our poor dogs are now trying to grow their winter coats to keep them from catching a chill through the winter vortex (remember last winter?). And before you know it, spring will be here and they are going to need our help getting them ready for the summer heat again.

Once you start any season off with a bath, brush-out, or full grooming you may quickly find the unpredictable Galveston weather has ruined your attempt at freshening up your furry friend and maybe even your house. Have no fear we have some great suggestion to help keep your dog feeling like they just walked out of our salon until it’s time for their next grooming appointment.

The brush is your friend

If you don’t have a brush for your dog, make sure you add that to your pet shopping list. During a grooming session, our dog groomers are able to thin out a lot of your dog’s undercoat. Unfortunately, this isn’t a do once and done project. From now until summer your dog will be growing in new seasonal coats (winter and then summer) and shedding their undercoat. Brushing them out a few times a week can go a long way to help with keeping fur off your carpet and bed. They will also enjoy the extra one-on-one time they get with you.

*Bonus helpful tip: brush your dog outdoors so that flying hair can be captured by birds building nests.

Keep Your Dog Smelling Great with Waterless Shampoo

No matter how hard you try to keep your dog clean and dry, especially during light showers, they have other plans. Lying in the sun and rolling in the dirt are second nature to them. Your dog doesn’t understand that you just mopped the floors and shampooed the carpets. All they know is that they love you, and sunshine, and dirt, and being outside. You can help your dog (and house) stay fresh by purchasing a bottle of waterless shampoo. This foamy product can be used directly on your dog or on a towel that you use to spot clean your dog as needed. Waterless shampoo works great to clean a dogs muzzle, especially after they spend an afternoon digging in the yard or trash. Apply a small amount on a damp cloth and scrub away the remnants of their escapades.

Use Sheets to Cover Dog Beds and Furniture

The next two tips aren’t just about keeping your dog clean in between grooming appointments, but they are great ideas to help keep your house clean after you’ve done spring cleaning. Cover dog beds, couches and other furniture with old sheets. No matter how hard you try to keep your dog’s paws clean the minute you look away will be the instant he manages to track mud into the house. Covering dog beds and furniture can help protect those items. Washing a couple sheets is going to be much less frustrating than if you had to wash your couch or even many dog beds out there.

Place Rugs or Towels in Front of Doors

If you have a doggie door or a way for your dog to venture outside without you, place a rug or an old towel to help clean their feet. You can even place a small bucket with waterless shampoo and towels at your front door for quick clean-ups after walks. Again, you can wash these items as frequently as needed. Many pet stores are carrying a variety of fashion friendly rugs so that you can find a rug that can act as accessories as well as a functional way to keep your dog clean.

Hopefully these tips will help your dog stay clean until his next grooming appointment with us here in Galveston, TX. If he manages to get in a big mess and these tricks don’t work, we’ll be here ready to scrub-a-dub your best pal at our pet store on The Strand.

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