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Histotree Grooming Brush/ Large Pets


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  • Professional Dog Grooming Brushes, Smooth Brushes For Dogs. Brush For Long Haired And Short Haired Dogs, Dog Brush For Shedding
  • Pet Brush ,dog Hair Brush For Long Haired Dogs, Including Poodles, Golden Haired Dogs, Shepherd Dogs And All Kinds Of Dogs That Need Hair Cleaning,dog Grooming Brush
  • Gentle use: Lengthen the 0.78-inch long curved needle to comb the hair, better penetrate into the bottom layer of pet hair, open the bottom layer of knotted hair, reduce pet pain, and make pet hair more fluffy
  • Wide range of applications: The large dog brush is suitable for Alaska, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Golden Retriever, Schnauzer, Pomeranian, Collie, Labrador and other large, medium and long-haired dogs and various cat breeds, smooth soft fluffy coat
  • The Right Choice: dog grooming brush come in different sizes, but for larger dogs, it’s wise to choose the right hairbrush with long, long, curved needles. Makes your dog feel more comfortable, like touching the clouds, the brush will help you loosen tangled/tangled hair easily


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